About Gateway to Hope

Since Gateway to Hope's founding, over 1,500 patients have been connected to lifesaving breast cancer treatment – treatment they otherwise could not have accessed.

How We Help

Gateway to Hope is a breast cancer lifeline. Our mission is to secure comprehensive care and provide financial assistance for individuals in need diagnosed with or at high risk for developing breast cancer. Dr. David Caplin, a reconstructive surgeon, and Dr. Marlys Schuh, a surgical oncologist, founded Gateway to Hope in 2005 after witnessing needless suffering of breast cancer patients who delayed treatment because they could not afford health insurance.

Gateway to Hope’s primary objective is to remove barriers that keep individuals from receiving the breast cancer treatment they need to survive. By removing financial barriers and providing emotional support, Gateway to Hope patients are able to complete their breast cancer treatment, focus on healing, and have better health outcomes.

Gateway to Hope patients receive financial assistance for critical everyday living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation, car payments and lymphedema garments, through our Thelma’s Gift Program. Patients may also receive financial assistance to cover health insurance costs through our Insurance Premium Program. This allows patients to keep their own physicians, choose their preferred area hospital, and continue treatment without interruption, even if they lose their jobs and related benefits.

Gateway to Hope’s qualified team of two registered nurses and master social worker counsel patients individually throughout their entire breast cancer treatment, following up on treatment plans and providing emotional support.

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